Saturday, December 29, 2012

Serendipity Stardance

Serendipity Stardance!

This is a nice pink Owe-It-All-To-You just for you, Serendipity! I would like to thank you for being so kind and giving me an idea to make this blog!

Who is Serendipity?

Serendipity is a friendly Pixie Pal that you can find everyday in the Animal Derby Fairy Coliseum racing with her World-Wide Fairies! Serendipity Stardance is also on YouTube! She also has a Website of her own ( full of updates, Pixie Hollow Diamonds, and so much more! Serendipity Stardance is the example for all Fairies, Kind, fun, cool, and nice all roll into one Tinker Talent-Loving Pixie!

Small and cute as she is, she has a very big heart! She loves all of her friends and Animal Friends! This Tinker has a passion for fashion! And Pink!! Thank you, Serendipity! Visit her on YouTube!

Fairy Friends

Fairy Friends!

This is your Fairy Friends! Having Friends is a great thing! Friends will help you through all of your troubles and laugh or even go shopping with you! Friends are the main thing Pixie Hollow has proudly made. Pixie Hollow would be nowhere without friends to keep you busy throughout your Pixie Hollow Times!

Fairy Home And Garden

This is your Fairy Home! Make it Cozy!

This is where your sparkly fairy lives! You can decorate it anyway you like! Your fairy homes can show your personalities and/or your favorite colors!


It's Your Fairy Garden!!

This is where all of your beautiful Plants belong! In your very own Garden! You can decorate your Garden anyway you like, too!

New Arrival

New Arrival?


Congratulations! You're a Fairy like us now! Welcome to Pixie Hollow! Every fairies celebrates the day they arrive! It's like birthdays but with the Arrivals! Fairies get Tinker-tastic badges for their Arrival Day, just like you!
The longer you stay with us at Pixie Hollow, the more Arrival Badges you'll get!



Rosefeather is a fine, creative fairy who loves all of her friends. She's proud of who she is and she never gives up on anything! Rosey loves her Hummingbird Pet (Rosysparkle). Rosey has a very sassy personality that she shows to her Fairy Friends when she's angry or happy. Rosey's best Fairy Pal is a spontaneous and adorable little Snowflake Firelily.



I'm Rosefeather, but please call me Rosey! Welcome to my blog full of Pixie-licious News and Updates that Pixie Hollow will bring! (

Spread your wings and fly into a world full of friendly fairies and Pixie Hollow fun!